Wall Moulding Update

South Star Moulding joined the Wall Moulding family as distributor in the Southeast U.S. little over a year ago.  In doing so, we added the entire Wall collection to our stocked moulding supply.

Over this past year we’ve been wowed by the new designs and finishes Wall has introduced.  Knowing there are more new designs to come, we are streamlining the Wall collection we stock in our warehouse.

As Wall designated approximately 100 patterns that will be phased out due over time to age and sales history, we’ve decided not to stock these patterns locally.   Doing this allows us to stock larger quantities of customer favorites and create more space for Wall’s newer and upcoming releases.

As with our other partner vendors, we can special order any of the mouldings we don’t stock.  And remember, by ordering through South Star you pay no shipping.

South Star Moulding will be placing orders regularly re-supply and special order from Wall.  We believe our streamlining efforts will definitely continue to fulfill your clients’ needs.