Our Vendor Partner Program

Experience the South Star difference!

South Star's unique and exclusive 'Vendor Partner Program' allows you to purchase ANY moulding from ANY of our eleven vendor partners' product lines (over 15,000 mouldings).  Whether you need length, chops, or both, we will consolidate your orders and ship from a single location increasing your productivity while greatly reducing your shipping costs.  We can possibly even ship your order for *FREE!

How does it work?

It's simple. We 'partner' with eleven different moulding vendors.  South Star receives and combines your orders that you might place with these various, different vendors.  We consolidate your completed, multi-vendor order into a single shipment, sent directly to you in about a week or less, and from a single source, South Star Moulding.  We absolutely save you on shipping costs, possibly even FREE shipping.

South Star, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is centrally located in the heart of the Mid-South with great regional access to eleven of the industries' top moulding vendors.  We stock the 'best sellers' of each brand (that's currently over 1700 stock items) while also giving you access to EVERY moulding from ANY of our vendors lines on a quick turnaround basis.

We do this by placing strategically scheduled, weekly orders with each vendor to re-stock our own inventory. Along with our re-stock orders we piggy-back any other mouldings our customers may need, even if it's an item we don't stock.  You can place your orders with us for chops or length or both.

How do you get FREE shipping?

By consolidating your orders with us, you can considerably lower your shipping costs while increasing your efficiency of ordering.  You can have one, single FedEx shipment instead of three or four.  And with a little bit of volume we could lower your shipping cost to ZERO!

For example, if your chop order exceeds $99 in total, your Standard FedEx Ground shipping is *FREE.   If your length order exceeds $250 in total your Standard FedEx Ground is *FREE as well.  Just keep in mind that *FREE Standard FedEx Ground service does not include the additional fees or surcharges added by FedEx.  Items such as Oversize or Overweight Charges, Residential Delivery or Peak Shipping fees are added by FedEx and are totally beyond our control.  Special service requests such as Next Day or 2-Day service are paid for by the customer.  But if your order fits the typical Standard Ground mode, it is eligible for *FREE shipping.

We offer our customers convenience, a huge selection (over 15,000 mouldings), while making you more efficient and saving you money.

Now that is a great idea!


To connect to a website of one of our 'Partner Vendors' click on a logo link below.

We partner with the top brands of the products you use everyday.


We supply the top matboard and foamboard lines in the industry.


We stock the premium brands of glazing products in the industry.


We offer the complete line of DECOR framing supplies featuring the best name brands in the industry.


We can supply you with the readymade lines of two vendors.